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Our Mission

Face It Today empowers and encourages girls and young women to shine from the inside out and to be confident in who you uniquely are. Our plant-based skin-care products & entrepreneurial spirit provides the tools needed to embrace self-care and self-acceptance paving the way for a brighter future.

Brand Leaders

We have created a custom curriculum designed specifically to help brand leaders build a business plan using the Face It Today mission and product. Brand Leaders share the product with their friends, family and social networks. They will earn money selling the product and learn entrepreneurial skills by running their own mission based business. A portion of all proceeds go to non-profit organizations benefiting the growth of girls and young women.

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As an Aunt of 6 nieces. I applaud your efforts! You go girl!

It is so important that we positively influence young girls - early on!

What an incredible mission! As a father of three daughters the importance of healthy skin care and the confidence that brings is invaluable. Girl power!

So much hard work, and so much to come. Love what you are doing with @faceit_today!

Please let me know if/when you start visiting schools…I know a lot of young girls who need to hear your message!

This launch is ONLY the beginning… and will be an inspiring way to help young girls learn to empower THEMSELVES!!!

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