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Meet The Team at Face IT Today

Through a combination of education, empowerment and entrepreneurship, Face It Today inspires girls to shine from the inside out.
Amy Lloyd, Face IT Today Founder and CEO. Face IT Today empowers girls through entrepreneurship and skin care products.

Founder, Amy Lloyd

Amy Lloyd founded Face It Today out of her passion for helping inspire and motivate girls. She believes this is her small part in helping girls feel empowered, that they can choose to do anything they want in life. Amy's career launching, growing and working on behalf of large, national brands as an advertising executive has given her the skills and confidence to launch and build her own brand. Overcoming her own personal adversity, she believes that everyone needs that one person to believe in them in order to conquer the world, and created Face It Today to be exactly that.

Amanda Cohen, Face It Today Business Manager & Brand Coach

Amanda Cohen

Business Manager & Brand Coach

Mackenzie Lloyd, Face It Today Social Media Manager & Brand Leader

Mackenzie Lloyd

Social Media Manager & Brand Leader