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Q.) Why did you start Face It Today?

"I have always known that I wanted to help motivate, inspire and empower girls that they can do anything they choose to do in life. I wasn’t sure exactly which form it would take, but I knew it would happen eventually. Personally, I have overcome adversity in my own life, and believe with every fiber of who I am, that WE can Face anything head on and come out on the other side even better than before.

Whether it’s a difficult, life altering challenge or a really bad day, life can be hard at times. Unfortunately, self-esteem and confidence issues start as young as 8 years old, once social interactions begin, and when puberty hits. While this is a serious issue, building and inspiring self-esteem should also be fun, as well as, a beneficial learning experience." - Amy LLoyd, CEO & Founder

Q.) What Does Face It Today do?

We empower girls through self-care and entrepreneurship using our own skin-care line, and curriculum to teach important business skills using the Face It Today mission and product. We are starting a necessary conversation that no matter what you look like, we want you to feel your best, be your best and allow what is on the inside to shine on the outside.

Q.) How did you come up with the name Face It Today?

Face It Today isn’t just about skin-care, Face It Today is about self-care for your total well being. It means facing anything you are confronted with on a daily basis, and letting your best face shine while doing it! #Letsfaceit

We believe self-care is paramount, and using Face It Today product we teach girls to start self-care practices by taking care of their skin on a daily basis. We want them to feel good, so that they shine from the inside out.

Q.) What is your target demographic?

Girls 12-25. We will eventually have brand extensions that will serve the younger end, older end, boys and moms too.

Q.) Is Face It Today a non-profit?

Face It Today is proud to be a for-profit company. We want to teach girls and young women the importance of earning their own money while learning critical entrepreneurial and life skills like budgeting, savings, tax planning, marketing, etc.

A portion of the proceeds will go to non-profit organizations, as well as, creating our own charity to provide grants and scholarships to girls. This will serve as an important 501(c)(3) arm of Face It Today.